Sa'eeda has been studying Middle Eastern dance since she was a teenager, performing professionally beginning in 1990, and teaching since 1997.

With her instinctive understanding of the soul of Middle Eastern music, Sa'eeda embodies the beauty and spirit of the art of belly dance. She continues to enjoy the depth and variety of expression that is available in this dance form.

Sa'eeda's love for dance encompasses many countries from North Africa and across the Middle East. She specializes in both contemporary and folkloric dances of Egypt. Her desire is to transmit an authentic expression of this rich and historic culture.

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Sarah Alma

Sarah Alma has been dancing in Los Angeles since 2006. She brings the passion of her culture--Spanish, Greek, and Turkish ancestry--to the Middle Eastern dance.

Sarah is an accomplished concert violinist and can perform at your event!


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Adrianne is a rising star in the American oriental dance  community. Her passion for the art of raqs sharqi is evident every time she glides across the stage, delighting audiences with her impeccable technique. In her hometown of Los Angeles, she appears regularly at  theatrical shows,  restaurants, night clubs, cultural festivals,weddings, private parties and corporate events.


 Known as a gifted and giving instructor, Adrianne is proficient in teaching the several styles of Pan-Arabic dance she brings to the stage. She’s taught  several workshops across the Southwestern United States, sharing the technique and nuances of her favorite oriental genres: neo-classical Egyptian, Sha’abi , and her specialty, super sassy Saidi.


Committed to preserving authenticity in her choreographies, she’s as adept at breaking down technique and movement for beginners as she is for adding on layers for more advanced dancers. Adrianne has also been instrumental in working to preserve the rich history of belly dancing and Arabic culture on the West Coast. Her constant research, professional presence and joyous, ebullient energy in performance or in the studio have made her one to watch.

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